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Music Reporter Lauren Scott says: "Cantaire Dé is a new kind of folk / singer‐songwriter artist ‐ thoughtful, multi‐talented and confident... He is in a unique position to re‐define the genre."

Cantaire Dé (pronounced Kahn-tahr-reh Jay) also known as Tyrone or Ty Alexander discovered a new love for making music late in life. Inspired in 2012 to sing for people, he picked up a cheap acoustic guitar and started learning.

Singing and music were already meaningful parts of a new Christian life for years, but through making his own music, the language of his soul could be fully expressed. Now music and song are large parts of his life.

Cantaire Dé currently uses the guitar, Irish bodhrán drum, mandolin, and piano to convey the melodies of his spirit.

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Is é an ceol teanga an anama -
Music is the language of the soul...

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