Music Reporter Lauren Scott says: "Cantaire Dé is a new kind of folk / singer-songwriter artist -
thoughtful, multi-talented... He is in a unique position to re-define the genre."

About - Short Bio

Cantaire Dé (pronounced Kahn-tahr-reh Jay) also known as Tyrone or Ty Alexander discovered a new love for making music late in life. He was never serious in learning music before 2012, but through struggles feeling trapped and unsuccessful in dead-end circumstances, he found inspiration and strength with God to start a new life.

Singing and music became more meaningful and expressive in that new life, and he was inspired to pick up an acoustic guitar. Through singing and making music he discovered them to be the language of the soul, which conveys emotion much better than words alone. Now music is a large part of his life, and he uses the guitar, Irish bodhrán drum, and mandolin to convey the melodies of his spirit.